Do You Feel Insecure About Walking Into Your First Yoga Class?
 Are you EXPERIENCING PAIN and your doctor has advised you to get into a class?
Are you STRESSED OUT from work, the kids, your partner? lol…

  •  Reduce Pain 
  •  Increase Muscle Tone
  •  Boost Self-esteem and Confidence
  •  Improve Your Posture
  •  Relieve Symptoms of Depression
  •  Improve Balance, Strength, & Flexibility
  •  Add Hours to Your Day by Practicing Yoga at Home
  • Reduce Pain
  •  Increase Muscle Tone
  •  Boost Self- Esteem and Confidence
  •  Improve Posture
  •  Relieve Symptoms of Depression
  •  Improve Balance, Strength, & Flexibility
  •  Add Hours to Your Day by Practicing Yoga at Home
Hi!  My name is Trish Curling and I am excited to help you get healthy with my new online yoga program. 
I have experienced the power of yoga to transform my own body and health after a number of injuries and years of inactivity so I want to share that transformative power with you now.  

I have developed a yoga program that you can follow along online and practice from the comfort of your home.  

This yoga practice will help you improve your flexibility, stamina, and strength, give you a holistic approach to total wellness, and increase your confidence and mental strength.
Do you ask yourself how you even got to this point? 

You used to feel confident and secure in your body and then life just seemed to "happen" and that feeling went away?

Like I said, I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to walk into a yoga studio or a class and feel like you don’t belong there. 
I've been there too and not taking ACTION NOW means that the voice inside of you that says:

"You are not good enough" or "You will always feel tired and weak" will WIN.

See, I was living with MANY extra pounds, injury, and stress.  I was also dealing with GRIEF AND DEPRESSION from the loss of my older brother back in 2010.  I had just about had it! I reached my limit and knew that I had to TAKE ACTION if I was going to feel better and be who I wanted to be. 

This is why I have YOU in mind. I know what it is like to start all over again. I felt FAT, SICK, TIRED, HURT…the list goes on.
 I want YOU to change that into FIT, HEALTHY, ENERGIZED, and PAIN FREE! 
I started with very simple yoga poses, like the ones that I will offer you every month! It wasn’t easy to start, mind you, but I kept on going and everything changed! It changed my life so much that I quit my job as an elementary school teacher and became a Yoga Teacher and re-certified as a Personal Trainer. I have PROVEN RESULTS with clients and have helped them to change their lives too! 

Practicing with me online will provide you with a library of yoga flows/classes that you can choose from any time you want. The best part, is that it will just be you and your mat in the privacy of your own home. Except for me, I’ll be there too (virtually of course) giving you SAFE, guided instruction, so that you can start to FEEL LIKE YOU AGAIN
I am so excited for you! 

It’s no coincidence that you are here 
and ready to take control of your life again! 

I look forward to practicing with you!


  •  Bonus Tips and Meal Plans Available 
All This For Only ($29.97) $19.97 USD/Month!
SNEAK PEEK of What's Inside!
It’s hard to believe that I’ve been training in person with Trish for nearly 2 years now. Back in July 2016, I assumed that I would sign up for a year and then figure out a way to workout on my own. At the time I didn’t realize how much more I would get out of my training with Trish. Not only do I get a personalized exercise program, but I also receive diet and meal planning advice and most importantly the emotional support and motivation I need to get me off the couch and onto my yoga mat! No matter what life obstacles that have been thrown my way (and there have been a few in the last 2 years), my Ani O training has been a constant source of stability. An hour in my day where I can escape and focus on me. I started my journey at 152 lbs, dealt with fatigue, neck/shoulder issues and struggled with a 5lb dumbbell. Today I am a strong 136 lbs, physically healthy and pressed a 22lb kettlebell just last night! Trish is truly amazing and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. Since signing up for her online yoga classes to do in addition to our training, I can't believe how it's really taken me to the next level. On a busy night after my kids extracurricular activities, I can throw on a 1/2 hour video and take care of me! Thank you for all that you have done Trish!

Trish’s online yoga classes are the best thing for a busy full time working mom of two. I love being able to do them at my own pace in the comfort of my home. The videos are just the right length. As a beginner yogi they make me work all aspects of my body and over the last few weeks I have noticed an increase in balance, energy levels and decreased stress levels. I am committed to continuing on this path of self regulation and self improvement. Thanks Trish for being such an inspiration!
Thank youTrish! These videos are awesome! As a beginner, the poses helped me stretch and strengthen muscles that I do not normal workout on and some I didn’t know I had... lol. I will definitely refer your site and continue to use these videos to help with my journey to better health.

Recently I tried a few of Ani O’s online yoga classes and enjoyed them so much that I wanted to share some thoughts and feedback on the sessions. I have some yoga experience but have not practiced very much in the past two years. As soon as I started the first video I noticed that that Trish had a very calm and soothing voice. The sessions were paced well and each pose very clearly explained. She also models each movement which I found, having only attended busy classes, was an easier way to see the correct positioning, and therefore I was better able to improve my form. Trish provides variations and modifications that you can choose to do, depending on your level of experience and flexibility. Doing these videos in the morning helped me to start my day off in a more positive and calm state of mind. Using this video format was especially helpful for me, and I imagine other men and women like me (busy parent of 2) who just can’t get to an early morning class before work would also benefit. I’m so glad to have started these sessions! Thank you!!!

Before I met Trish I didn't realize how much I really needed her. My health wasn't a priority for me. I made poor dietary choices everyday and I used excuses like "chasing after me kids keeps me active" After a few sessions reality set in and I knew I needed a coach, guru and friend to help me change my lifestyle for the better. That was 2 years ago. Fast forward to today and I feel stronger, eat healthier and have more energy than the day before. I love that on my days away from our training sessions together I can put on one of her online yoga classes to get a little time to myself, but also stay focused on my goals of better health. It also sets a great example for my kids. Trish is motivatiing and wonderfully supportive. She customizes each workout to meet my needs so I can reach my goals.

I am not a seasoned yogi, but I do enjoy learning new things so I am incorporating yoga into my fitness regimen 1-2 times per week. For that, online sessions are perfect for me and incorporating Ani O Yoga online classes have been fantastic.   I love Trish's friendly smile throughout the classes, and also the time that she takes to give extra detail/explanation for positioning the body correctly for each pose. 
My knees are not the greatest, so the tip about putting a blanket under my knees is very helpful.   She makes you feel very comfortable and is easy to relate to.   If you want someone who makes it easy to learn, trust me when I say this is definitely the yoga platform for you!  



Ani O Yoga is seriously the BEST beginner's intro to yoga! Trish is real, chill, and seriously knows her stuff! She does an amazing job of cueing each movement so you understand exactly what you're doing and why. She breaks down every position so that you know exactly how to modify it for your body.  Her classes perfectly fit into my insanely busy schedule and help me to balance things out.  I'm feeling so much more confident and excited about yoga since watching videos and am excited to keep practicing! 
When I started practicing yoga with Trish I had very minimal experience. I may have tried only about 2 classes, but I knew I had to get moving again.  I was also experiencing a lot of pain on the right side of my neck and in my right shoulder.  I started going to a chiropractor and seeing a physiotherapist at least once per month (both of them encouraged me to practice yoga and I'm forever grateful that I did).  Trish was patient and guided me through a series of poses during our time together.  She also gave me "homework" to do , maybe a couple of poses so that it would become part of my routine and actually help me heal.  Because I can only see her once per week I purchased her online classes so that I wouldn't lose what she had taught me.  I love that the pace was something I could handle and that she explains that therapeutic benefits of the poses.  We did a lot of work to open up my chest and shoulders and these poses were available to me online.  Trish is extremely knowledgeable and she has a very patient tone that made me feel comfortable with her right away.  Since I've started yoga with Trish, my pain has reduced about 70% and when I do feel any pain creeping up again, I know that I have a toolbox of poses that I can pull out to help me to alleviate it.  Thank you Trish, before you, yoga seemed impossible, now I can't believe what my body is capable of! 

To be honest, in order to have the best experience, you don't really need very much.  It's true that yoga props (like straps, blocks, and even blankets) can enhance your experience and help you through your practice, but if you don't have those things just yet,  there are household items that can take their place (like hardcover books, regular blankets, pillows, or even a belt).  Outside of those props, all you need is a yoga mat and yourself!


The videos are an average length of 20 - 30 min. each, but you may choose how long your practice will be on any given day.  If you are short on time, you may cut that in 1/2 or if you are feeling like you want more, you may follow along with another video!  You'll see that it won't be long before your body begins to crave these movements, once you see how great it makes you feel!

This is  the beauty of yoga, that people often don't understand until they give it a try!  These beginner videos keep that in mind.  Yoga is not about crazy poses!  This program gradually takes you through a series of poses that help you to move from what might be more subtle movement, into movement that is potentially more challenging for you.  The poses are meant to help you to become not only more flexible, but also much stronger!  Your ability will increase, allowing you to do more than you ever thought possible.

You can start yoga from wherever you are right now!  With every pose, there is always a modification if that is what you need.  If excess weight has become a concern, starting to move your body in a mindful way on a more regular basis will assist with weight loss.  Choosing the meal plan option will also allow you create a more balanced, healthy lifestyle and assist in weight management as, the menus include nutritious whole foods to keep your body lean and strong.

Yoga is truly something that you may practice everyday.  This can be anywhere from 10 min. all the way up to 90 min. if you truly wanted to!  When you are just starting out, choose the amount of time that feels both nourishing and challenging for your body.  You may want to commit to practicing 3x per week to start in order to really see some benefit and results.  As you progress, you may want to add days after that.  Like I said, doesn't mean you are practicing 90 min. per day, a simple 10 or 15 min. routine may be all you need, or simply all you have time for on a given day day and THAT'S OK!! :)

You always need to consult with your doctor first, but when you have the green light from them, then the answer is YES!!!  I'll say it again.....YES!! There are a number of contributing factors when it comes to any type of pain, but many times the supporting muscle tissue around those joints are not performing optimally an yoga can help with that! Soft subtle movements may also help to lubricate those joints, therefore minimizing the pain.

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  •  More affordable than a gym membership... get this online yoga program for just ($29.97) $19.97 USD/ month!!
  • Enjoy immediate benefits with instant access to the program
  •  Over 25 Beginner Yoga Classes to start you off
  •  2 New Classes added every month
  •  Detailed Safe Instructions
  •  Bonus:  Tutorials Added
  •  Optional Meal Plan to achieve your healthiest results
  •  More affordable than a gym membership... get this online yoga program for just $19.97 USD/ month!!
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